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EP 2: Tips for thriving relationships to help you through the tough times

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode our hosts, Jade and Deniece discuss Relationships with a particular focus on dating. They share their personal experiences in past relationships and offer lessons learned as well as practical knowledge on dating generally.



Episode Timeline:

[01:35] Introducing today's topic, "Dating and Relationships", which also includes friendships and family relationships.

[04:30] Jade shares that she is currently single although she has had multiple relationships at different times in the past, and currently has friendships and family relationships. Deniece is married and describes her relationship as one of love at first sight.

[07:55] A working extrovert is someone who is naturally introverted but in a work or social context, they can bring out their extroverted nature.

[08:40] Deniece describes the early stages of her relationship with her husband.

[10:56] Jade describes her longest relationship, and her ordeal with the sad turn of events that led to the end of the relationship.

[18:28] It is important to share these stories because we have all been in the shoes of different people in these stories, so we learn how to deal with these situations.

[25:18] Discussing “Finding the Right Person", ultimately, you need to know each other well, especially personality-wise.

[26:20] Deniece shares her dating experience, which started from the age of 10. She narrates events surrounding her shortest relationship, and the longest which is the one she is currently married into.

[30:50] What makes a good relationship? Jade believes the important components include communication, compromise, learning to encourage each other, and enjoying each other's company.

[36:21] In addition to Jade's suggestion, Deniece adds the role of mutual respect and understanding, especially when it comes to guys. Understanding your partner's love language and yours is also key, and there are 5 main love languages. Remaining independent, particularly with self-development is another beneficial component, rather than letting the attributes that define your identity get lost in the relationship.

[51:55] Jade and Deniece end the episode with a song to encourage listeners who may be having challenges in their relationships.

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