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A Millennial Mess


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"This podcast is full of surprises at every corner. Be entertained while learning about life.".  


Introducing you to your new favorite obsession, “A Millennial Mess” podcast, hosted weekly by your go-to relatable twenty and thirty somethings, Jade and Deniece. The two hosts first met while playing music together way back in the day.. Yes I’m talking when taking neoprints was still a thing, and the pair to this day still teach music and dance regularly. They were bonded by their similar life experiences and decided to create the podcast when discovering they both had unique perspectives to share on a multitude of intriguing topics. Each week the girls introduce listeners to their daily dose of fun involving girl chat, hot topics, and uncovering the mess that truly is living in today’s society as a millennial. Some listeners have called it “a wrecking ball of a good time.” 

The girls deep dive head first into the tough stuff one episode at a time, including falling in and out of love, what dating really entails in millennial culture, progressing in your career, and all the details in between. Navigating this stage of life can be tricky, so think of Jade and Deniece as your friendly guides adding a bit of humor and chaos along the way. 

From light hearted conversations about friendship, to sharing their best tips on how to amplify your confidence and live a purpose driven life, these girls don’t shy away from giving you their honest take and sisterly advice. You’ll be left each week wanting more content to share with your friends at your next wine night.​ New episodes are released every Wednesday, on ladies night! Make it a date and be sure to mark it on your calendars so you don’t experience the worst FOMO… And don't forget to bring your best self!

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