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Ep 47: Do you agree with the statement, "Bros before Hos?"

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Greg & Aidil


In today’s episode, our hosts relate to the season of love as they invite Greg and Aidil to discuss prioritizing outings between friends and dates on Valentine's Day. They all offer perspectives both while in the relationship and from the outside looking in.



Episode Timeline:

[02:15] Moving into this season, there will be a lot of discussions on human dynamics and different types of relationships. Today's discussion is on "Dates and Mates"; the question here is would you choose your date over your mates (friends)?

[03:35] The first guest on this episode is Greg, a composer, and musician who works with movie trailers, TV shows, and video games. He has been married for close to 3 years. The second guest is Aidil, who is 24 years old and single.

[06:48] Greg has never been in a tight situation where he has to choose between his friend and his date. Very often he would anticipate such situations beforehand and plan for them with good reasons for any decision he makes.

[08:25] Generally speaking, as we grow older this topic seems to surface a lot, especially because at a younger age there is more time compared to an older age when people get busier. In such a situation, when she already has plans, Jade would simply inform whoever asks her out that she is busy. In a situation where there could be a clash but one person is preferred over the other, it may be better to confirm their plans ahead or have both meetings at separate times on the same day.

[13:28] Deniece has had to apply a similar approach in her relationship particularly because her husband is introverted and would make plans at the last minute. She would often take the initiative to confirm if he had any plans ahead of time.

[15:50] However, in general, patience is important in handling situations like this because one person may be disappointed by the other while dating due to an impromptu event or error of omission. Working together and with understanding to allow some impromptu occasions to take precedence based on the scenario is necessary from time to time.

[18:25] Being single, Aidil has always been the "Bro" on the outside who a friend may have to choose over the person they are dating. Surprisingly, he has more female friends and often has to step back so as not to give a wrong impression to their boyfriends but in cases where they have no problem with it, he has great interactions with the boyfriend. Greg on the other hand often had such female friends cut off immediately they start dating.

[24:45] Jade also often feels like the "Bro", then again, she feels like the third wheel when she is brought in. However, she rarely has any issues with any of the people in the relationship while she is outside.

[26:40] For those in the relationship, it is important to create balance and work out a compromise to make out time considering both schedules.

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