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Ep 44: How to quite Gambling with Mave Mason

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Mave Mason


Today's episode features a guest, Mave Mason, expounding on the problem of Gambling Addiction in the spirit of the Chinese New Year period, during which gambling games are more common. They discuss the impact of Problem Gambling on victims and their loved ones, noting the signs of this addiction and strategies to overcome it.



Episode Timeline:

[01:54] The discussion today addresses the problem of Gambling Addiction and how to curb it, especially with the Chinese New Year around the corner which is usually celebrated with food and gambling.

[03:28] This topic will be discussed with a guest, "Mave Mason". He was dubbed "Singapore's Robinhood" and is Singapore's professional gambler. Mason is 38 years old and works full-time as an Equities Research Company CEO.

[04:37] Why Mason started TikTok videos: Waking up one night, Mason had a strong drive to share more about the gambling world. He had considered the fear that his kids might be misled into gambling by social media painting a wrong impression.

[05:24] Mason has been gambling since he was 18 years old because his parents were also gambling a long time ago. Seeing how his parents had lost a lot of money, Mason hoped to be different and make money through gambling to help everyone. He read books and studied but to no avail.

[07:11] Is there a formula to win in gambling? There's no magic in the casino, it's all about employing the correct strategies and managing your money. "You will be arrested if you do anything seemingly magical in the casino" For Mason, it's 60% luck and 40% skill. You can't trump luck which is why your money management has to be very sound.

[09:57] Problem Gambling in Singapore: Mason's main goal even as he educates people on his techniques is to discourage people from gambling. He uses his funds in this endeavor. Statistics from 2005 show that almost 50% of people in Singapore will gamble in one form or another. However, life itself is gambling so these numbers are not surprising but when it becomes a financial burden even spreading to other aspects of the family and society, then it has become a problem. Problem Gambling is the worst addiction of all because it comes across as just fun and games and the individual does not realize there is a problem. Mason himself and people close to him have gone through this, and he receives messages for help daily with some cases so bad the children are deprived of food and shelter

[13:40] The most common question Mason gets is how to win in the casino. There is no straight answer, it depends on the scenario and the strategy being employed.

[14:55] Are you going to continue helping people? Charity to Mason is not about giving someone money today because they don't have money because, in many instances, this does more harm than good. Initially, he had started by just trying to help individuals but this took a toll on his mental health. He would occasionally go gambling to make the money to help people. He even got scammed at one point. He has resolved to reduce his charity work and take the angle of helping people get empowered to meet their needs through his content and mentoring.

[19:17] Has anyone you have helped come back to share their story? "There's one rule that I have; I don't help people who fall into gambling debts, they have to clear their own mess" When you lose money, do not have a fightback mentality because either will eventually ruin you. Very often people with Problem Gambling do not learn from their past mistakes. In certain cases, they do not seek help because they fear being judged by others. "How to stop gambling is to admit that you have a problem"

[26:00] Certain games that are very often associated with gambling are part of the Chinese culture, and this makes it harder for people with gambling addiction. For this reason, those in positions of authority also have to be careful of the kind of endorsement they give to these games so as not to create the impression that gambling is good, even when the game itself is not bad.

[29:41] How do you help people who may have a gambling problem? Helping a friend with a gaming problem depends on the degree of the problem. After being scammed multiple times, Mason continues to help out knowing that desperate people will do anything to get money to gamble and that just is just a part of the problem. He however employs strict guidelines and processes before offering help to anyone. Hence, before trying to help a gambler, it is pivotal to understand how bad their situation is, by looking out for lies, tricks, debt, or a tendency for physical harm. As a general rule, it is not advisable to just give money to a gambler out of goodwill even if they have recovered; they need to feel the pain of paying back. Growing through the hardships may be what is needed for them to move to the next phase of life.

[35:14] 4 points on how to stop gambling: While Mason is not certified in any way, he learned from experience and created the methods to stop gambling. The first point is to "Admit that you have a gambling problem and remember how you hurt family members"; this comes with a deep understanding of the problem. The second is "Open up to your closest friends and family and ask them for support"; they would easily function as an invisible accountability mechanism. The third is "Understand that you're going up against undefeatable odds which are stacked against you when you gamble". Lastly, "Seek professional help".

[37:53] The goal of this video is not to encourage people to meet Mason for help but to clarify his intention and discourage gambling. His number is on his videos for those who need help.

[38:52] Signs of a gambling addiction: The first sign is a deep desire to be secretive about your gambling. Another is having trouble controlling your gambling, or difficulty walking away. The third sign is gambling without having the money and the last is when friends or family have talked to you about it. These are indications to start taking steps to get help.

[40:17] The problem still persists despite the efforts of the government by imposing levies on people before entry into the casino. Another issue is that casinos moving into a place may seem beneficial but there is a social cost. Mason has stopped showing his earnings which was initially done to establish his credibility as a professional gambler.

[44:40] In 2022, Mason hopes to ramp up his efforts to discourage gambling. "If you haven't started this part, don't start; if you've started already, please use your brain, don't do it irresponsibly; if you do win, help others stop"

[46:22] Final comments from Mason: Mason was officially diagnosed with Severe PTSD and Severe Anxiety Disorder. This is a fallout of his upbringing but he encourages viewers; "You have one life to life, life is not easy, and we want to let you know that you are not alone. As long as you move forward, know that you have been fruitful for the day and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel". Jade adds, "Don't be scared of the challenge, you can overcome it".

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