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Ep 32: Developing a Growth Mindset (with Aocheng Su)

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Aocheng Su


IIn this episode, Jade and Deniece feature Aocheng Su, and they discuss the topic of Success with particular emphasis on the difference in definitions as it pertains to each individual, while referencing the career story of Aocheng.



Episode Timeline:

[001:12] Meet today's guest, Aocheng Su, and the topic "What is Success?".

[03:20] Cheng is a self-taught musician based in Singapore, also involved in sound system support. Following the pandemic, he picked up content creation growing a thriving YouTube and Tik-Tok account.

[06:41] The Growth Mindset: For any situation you are in, treat it like a learning curve; don't get discouraged by your failures, instead learn from them.

[07:05] Having a growth mindset helped Cheng through the many daunting challenges he faced while building his career. After investing all his money into his sound support business, he had to grow in different aspects to maximally market his knowledge and skills to add to his income.

[12:37] Cheng talks about his low moment when he had done well on YouTube and tried going on Tik-Tok but was met with a lot of discouraging comments and unappreciation. This made him withdraw into a downward depressive emotional spiral until he created a post about his experiences, and people started to reach out with support and opportunities. Cheng shares that he appreciated actual opportunities much more than words of affirmation.

[22:08] Cheng's aha moment came when he decided to focus on taking care of himself. He was motivated to try Tik-Tok again, this time doing it because he wanted to do it, without trying to please others or considering negative comments.

[26:35] Being negative is not attractive. There are a lot of negative people around us, and they could be friends, family, or colleagues.

[27:10] It's often tempting or perhaps second nature to let our millennial goals get overshadowed by more apparent pursuits. Cheng defines success as his ability to provide value for people and to have time for things he wants to do, using money as an added advantage. Success is defined on a very personal level.

[28:57] Deniece shares a study that highlighted 10 areas of life and which ones were most important to youths. The most important aspect to most youths was having a house. Cheng shares that the most important thing to him is acquiring new skills. For Jade, having a strong family relationship is the most apartment. The most important thing to Deniece is having strong family relationships. All speakers agree that having an impact on lives by encouraging people is also very important; it goes a long way to let someone know that they are not alone.

[41:30] It is important to realize and understand what is important to you first in order to define your success path, after which you can start working towards getting there. Don't get discouraged by obstacles, and when you find your way, remember that you are not alone. Listeners are encouraged to reach out to any of the speakers. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

[44:15] Cheng's message to people doubting themselves is to try first for a month, and if they don't get result, they can contact Cheng on Instagram, and Tik-Tok(Aocheng).

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