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Ep 31: Advice we would give our younger self (with WhyWHyWHy Show)

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Jin An and Elisa Liu


In this Children's Day episode, Jade and Deniece feature guests Jin An and Elisa Liu, from the "Why Why Why" Show. They recount their childhood experiences and lessons learned, relating them to where they are today.



Episode Timeline:

[00:20] Meet today's guests, Jin An and Elisa Liu, from the "Why Why Why" Podcast. This week falls in the Children's Day period and the episode will be mostly focused on childhood memories of our speakers.

[01:11] Our speakers share their earliest and fondest childhood memories: Jin An shares her memory of being with her grandmother, and the turmoil that followed the passing of her grandparents. Elisa shares the memory of drowning when her father threw her in the sea expecting her to be able to swim, till she was saved by her mother. She recollects the sight of the sky and sea while drowning, and developed a phobia for water till primary 6.

Deniece remembers her mother leaving her father after she found out he was having an affair; she also recalls some painful domestic accidents that occurred to her as a kid. Deniece remembers a very confusing period when her dad convinced her to call his mistress her mum. She notes the importance of having both parents, as her role is very different from that of her husband, and empathizes with single parents who have to do all the work alone. Jade remembers looking for her mum, who was in the hospital and had given birth to her baby brother.

[13:07] Discussing the relationships between siblings: Deniece shares that as an only child she does not fully understand how sibling relationships work. Elisa describes the feeling of growing up lonely until her parents had her younger brother. Jade has had a very close relationship with her brother who has been very helpful over the years, and is someone she looks up to for support in life generally.

Jin An had a similar experience to Jade with her elder brother and sister being there for her when she needed them. Deniece, on the other hand, didn't have these relationships and got in contact with unhealthy friends especially online. Elisa had a similar experience with Deniece being the first child without siblings for a while, also finding friends online.

[27:11] Highlighting the disparity between childhood and now, Jade used to be very shy and awkward when communicating with others but now she opens up more. Her family and Deniece's family were the same in that they were also not too good and communicating with one another. Jin An also had difficulty communicating with people growing up but learned how to express herself through her music. Elisa was a bookworm, always engrossed in reading but values her friends highly up till now.

[44:03] What do we want to say to our younger selves? Jin An would tell her younger self who was trying to decide on going into music, to listen to her heart; a lot of people's opinions might be scary or confusing but the most important person to listen to is yourself.

Elisa tells her younger self to quit sitting down and waiting for everything to be perfect before she takes a step; doors will be open as you start taking steps.

Jade would tell her younger self to be more open-minded and trust herself; Put yourself out there and don't be so afraid because people are too focused on themselves to be focused on your wrongdoings.

Deniece tells her younger self to not try too hard to be accepted; it's okay to not be okay, acknowledge that you are finding yourself rather than trying to fit in with a group. If you always try to copy someone you will always be number two of that person but if you find your own path, then you will be the number one version of yourself. "Be the youest you"

[53:42] How to find the "Why Why Why" show:

Twitter - Why Why Why show

Tik-Tok - Elisaliuart, ninjajinan

[55:36] There is always a child inside us, Happy Children's Day!

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