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Ep 25: 4 hacks for a every conversation with Melvin Seetoh

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Melvin Seetoh


In this episode, Jade and Deniece feature Melvin Seetoh, host of the "Better" Podcast, and discuss "How to make Conversations". Melvin shares his 4 Hacks for successfully creating conversations that can lead to a lasting relationship both in business and informally.



Episode Timeline:

[01:40] Today's topic is "How to make conversations".

[03:00] Introducing our guest from the "Better" Podcast, Melvin Seetoh. Melvin explains that much more than a podcast host, he is best described as a content creator, having created multiple contents in self-development and learning, emotional management, and relationships.

[04:00] Melvin describes how he started in content creation: In 2016, while working as a financial adviser, he had been creating video content for his team, till the point he realized he had a passion for content creation and decided to do it for the rest of his life. It is important to choose a career that we are proficient in, passionate about, and is profitable enough to make a living. Melvin explains that he is very adept at picking up new skills very quickly although he won't go very deep into it.

[06:48] Conversation Hacks: Youths nowadays are quite poor at communication. "If you ask 20 people to introduce themselves, most of them won't know where to start because they don't have a template". Melvin discloses that he pooled together most of his favorite tips from things he read online at "Medium" website, and recommends listeners take out time to garner knowledge from there too; of particular note are contents from Michael Thompson, and Val Nelson.

[10:40] These 4 hacks have been categorized based on the different stages of meeting people: Meeting people for the first time, being the odd one out, creating meaningful conversations, and how to end the conversation.

[14:40] The first hack is Active listening; which involves paraphrasing and repeating what was said. It is followed by asking to know more about what was said. It is always great to ask people to give you more information; people like to feel needed and teach new things. This is consistently a very easy way to build trust. Generally, people won't care about you until they know you care about them.

[21:38] The second hack is more useful when trying to invite an odd person into the group. When engaging people, it is pivotal to get them to think deeply about something they have a stake in. An example of a way to invite an odd person into a group is getting the new person to be a tie-breaker in a discussion, such that whichever side they choose, they still make friends. Follow-up after this kind of gesture is hugely beneficial to the growing relationship. Melvin explains that introverts are not people who just don't want to talk but rather people who get drained very quickly when they engage in conversations.

[31:09] Conversation Hack No 3: During a conversation, it is important to get to know the person based on 3 things for a deep relationship; their Beliefs, Values, and Principles. This can easily be done by asking questions in a scenario format. These scenario questions are very good icebreakers, and educators can also make use of them for children as they are very idealistic and imaginative. Discussing weird scenarios is one of the fun things Melvin enjoys with his wife.

[40:38] Hack No 4: This is an intentional introduction at the end of the conversation so people can easily remember the identity of the person rather than having an easily forgettable introduction at the beginning of the conversation. Interestingly this is often done on broadcast media like TV and radio shows, but rarely in day-to-day conversations. And after this introduction, contacts can be exchanged as a final exit of the conversation.

[45:27] How to contact Melvin

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