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Ep 43: What is your Happiness Quotient

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: John Moses & Lynn


In this episode, our hosts talk about the "Happiness Quotient" with guests, John Moses and Lynn, who also offer their views on 7 elements to consider in finding happiness.



Episode Timeline:

[02:55] Jade and Deniece wish listeners a Happy New Year! This episode is the first of the year 2022 and is also the first time the podcast will feature 2 guests.

[03:36] Today's guests are John Moses, the sound editor of this podcast, and Lynn, a vocal instructor who also studied economics.

[04:30] John aka Shamalamadingdong, has always loved doing audio production and was doing the business on his own till the pandemic hit. He also works as a music teacher, while pursuing a part-time degree in Digital Media.

[05:38] Lynn graduated recently studying pop music and economics. She is a freelance vocal coach. Both guests identify as Millennials, because it's very different from Gen Z, and is more relatable to them.

[07:50] Today's discussion revolves around the "Happiness Quotient". Following the pandemic, people are struggling to find happiness. Also, there is news that predicts one in four people will quit their jobs in the first 3-6months.

[08:35] Why do people want to quit their jobs? Some may want to do so after having enough time during the pandemic to reflect on their lives and deeply consider their direction in life. Others may have gotten new jobs out of desperation in the pandemic, and afterward, they would prefer to seek other jobs they like.

[10:15] 7 elements of life that can determine our happiness are Vision, Fitness, Family, Friends, Finances, Work/Career, and Fun/Fulfillment. Some people identify more with certain areas than others.

[11:42] Lynn identifies with family because she spent a lot of time schooling abroad in Australia. Even after, the pandemic hit and prolonged her time away from home, however, the experience taught her to appreciate spending time with family more. She prioritizes family above all else. Being with family through the pandemic has been very inspiring for Lynn, especially since it afforded more time to spend with them. "At the end of the day, friends are friends but they are not the family you're born into"

[15:20] For John Moses, he understands that family relationship is important but also works hard so his parents can see him succeed in their lifetime. He tries not to think so much about money since based on his upbringing it seemed wrong. Deniece also doesn't think much about money and she tries to give out as much as she can from the excess she has. Money itself is not bad; the perspective about it is what matters. Friends have also had a great impact on John particularly his growth in several aspects of life; he consciously selects and keeps them long-term. "Tell me who is your friend and I'll tell you who you are" We need to guard our friendships a bit more because they shape our minds.

[28:05] It is very normal to lose friends as we go through life. Many of the people we see as friends are people we just happened to find ourselves in the same space with, either at work or school. There is no guarantee that the way we relate in that space would continue when we leave. For John, Family, Friends, and Finance would be the top priority, while he is yet to figure out a skill that he would enjoy.

[33:32] Deniece emphasizes that the goal of this episode is to describe a "Successful Life Integration", where people have clearly defined their vision for success and have a decision-making framework to align their limited time and resources to it. "Have clarity of your goals, understand priorities, know when things are out of balance, give yourself permission to maintain balance, and accept your responsibility to change things.

[35:45] Fitness refers to physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. These areas are crucial to our ability to function at work, in the family, or with friends. Mental well-being is particularly relevant, and it is necessary to be aware of and manage stressors.

[39:04] "FOMO"; people need to realize that there is no rush in anything, even if other people are doing that thing. The pressure from social media plays a huge role in FOMO. Well-wishers may also unknowingly instigate FOMO while trying to encourage us to do things for our benefit, however, rather than get upset with them we should sieve through the information and decide on what we will work with. "Don't be influenced by people, just listen to positivity and focus on what you want to do"

[43:14] If you're so easily affected by what others say, are you content with your achievements? We need to take note of the people that we surround ourselves with because they can unknowingly trigger FOMO. Religion can also help with mental fitness for those who derive strength from their faith.

[44:40] Fun and Fulfillment; these are things that expand and grow us which we forget to do or don't have time and money to do. Since Deniece started teaching dance it has been so exciting that she derives her fun from her work. "I cannot imagine myself doing anything else except going to the studio every day".

[50:38] "Don't discount your efforts": We sometimes look back and feel like we are not growing. Rather than focusing on the past, we should anticipate future opportunities to ensure we keep improving and doing better.

[53:44] There's no straight answer to how to be happy, but these 7 elements can be a guide to finding our happiness.

[55:12] Connect with John Moses on Instagram @celestialproductions. Connect with Lynn on Instagram @lynnthetwin2

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