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EP 5: Taking care of your health and mental wellness should be a priority in today's world

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode our hosts, Jade and Deniece talk about 'Being Healthy' and Fitness in general, sharing their opinions and perspectives on key aspects of wellness, weight loss, and practical steps to achieve health goals.



Episode Timeline:

[01:40] Today's topic is introduced; "Being Healthy". Also to be discussed are the different aspects of fitness.

[02:50] One of the key ways to assess your health level is to go for a checkup by your doctor, who will evaluate your Blood pressure, blood sugar, and check for early signs of illnesses like cancer.

[04:15] Other factors affecting your health include stress levels, rest, lifestyle, habits, and diet like coffee addiction and sugar consumption.

[11:33] Each person is on a different journey when it comes to wellness and health and our hosts advise not to compare.

[15:15] Jade narrates her fitness transformation and the issues with her recurrent illnesses that prompted her to address her health. Following this transformation of her fitness, she shares the changes in her health, noting that she does not fall sick as often as before.

[29:45] Deniece describes her health journey, highlighting how much easier it was from the onset because of her energetic nature and interest in dance. Her efforts were directed at cardio exercises for weight loss as well as diet.

[43:16] Our relationship with food has to change, it has to be fuel for our body and not something that we indulge in. If you see food as fuel then you will be very mindful of what you put inside your body, and if you're intentional with your food, then you will feel the result of that.

[47:32] Concerning dieting, it is important to have a goal, and plan out how to achieve the goal. You plan your goal based on how you want to feel eventually, and not just what to do.

[53:00] For listeners who are interested in weight loss, fitness, or diet changes, they must understand that it is a journey, to not get distracted by unfiltered information. If necessary, also get professional assistance.

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