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EP 4: How can you survive as a freelancer in the arts

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode, the focus of our hosts is the topic of "Starting A Career In The Arts", and they highlight different challenges that surround this path and share lessons learned in their journeys.



Episode Timeline:

[01:54] Introducing today's topic, "Starting a Career In The Arts; Can You Make A Living?". Our hosts note the popular belief that it is not feasible to make a living with a career in the arts.

[02:50] They start by noting the challenge of their careers in the Arts often being overlooked or underrated, particularly as music and dance instructors.

[06:15] Another common opinion is that such careers are a very difficult path compared to a typical office job. A personal experience shared by Jade reveals very strong disapproval from her parents, following the decision to pursue a music career.

[07:05] What is a career? A career is a path chosen in which you progress, that pays the bills. There are numerous aspects of careers in the field of the Arts.

[09:13] Jade narrates her experience highlighting the challenges she faced after choosing her career in music.

[16:15] The business and marketing aspects of Arts' careers tend to often be less emphasized than the performance aspect, and this may put you at a disadvantage.

[18:56] Deniece also shares her story, describing her inspiration and events surrounding her entry into the arts and entrepreneurship, as well as how she gained skills by self-education.

[31:31] How do we go from 'Education' to 'Making A living'? Due to the pandemic, performing arts may not be very feasible for now, as such our hosts encourage listeners to teach others as an alternative to still make use of their skills. Although there is very little education on how to educate other students, one of the key ways to learn is by watching other instructors teach.

[34:15] Regarding funding, very often companies rely on grants which can be cumbersome to manage and account for, meanwhile redirecting such energy towards marketing would prove a better source of funds.

[40:48] To make a living in the arts involves putting yourself out there, marketing yourself, and teaching, especially considering the current pandemic. They also share various platforms for singers and dancers to market their skills including Fiverr, Canva, Wix, and others.

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