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EP 3: Healthy boundaries are a must for any relationship

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode our hosts follow up on the previous conversation on 'Dating and Relationships', this time from the perspective of "Boundaries". They discuss the relevance of boundaries in relationships and the pitfalls of failing to create one in any relationship.



Episode Timeline:

[01:50] Introducing today's topic, "Boundaries; Dating and Relationships Part 2", our hosts highlight the importance of this topic as it applies to forms of relationships.

[02:25] Sharing personal practices, Deniece describes how she defines her boundaries in relationships. Having boundaries is important for relationships to survive, and this applies to dating as well as all forms of relationships.

[10:40] It is important to have boundaries to keep yourself from getting hurt too often. Boundaries in relationships help preserve friendship.

[19:37] How do we have friendships with guys or girls and still keep it platonic? Can guys and girls be good friends?

[24:25] Jade clarifies how to draw the line and have different levels of closeness that separates friends from acquaintances. She describes that when you find yourself continually giving to a person and there is no reciprocation or the person asks for more, then that is not a balanced relationship.

[30:15] A question for listeners, What is your limit in a relationship? What do you expect of your friends or partners?

[36:13] Denise shares her experience about the importance of having boundaries, where she confided in the wrong person while in a relationship and had a depressing turn of events from it.

[41:21] A relationship will only work if both parties stick to boundaries.

[42:09] Is there a role of gender in determining who to confide in, when in a relationship and having relationship issues?

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