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Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode our hosts, Jade and Deniece uncover the challenges of motherhood, alongside the expectations, misbeliefs, and pressures that come with it. Additionally, they great tips for mothers, and answering key questions that often come up in motherhood.



Episode Timeline:

[05:50] This is a "Mum-pisode". On a lot of motherhood issues, there is no clear right or wrong, it is about what works for you. "Do whatever makes you sane"

[07:30] Discussing the expectation of being a mum, Jade describes her perspective of mum as strong women because they seem to be able to do everything, and always express selfless love.

[11:24] Deniece has always wanted to get married, and have kids but never heard about how hard it could be. The question is, why don't mums talks about it? To a large extent, people neglect to discuss the challenges of motherhood and this might be to avoid discouraging aspiring mothers.

[17:12] How can we strengthen ourselves as a community of new moms to find support? Time planning, support from parents and friends goes a long way.

[22:11] Jade shares that while growing up, she was very open to the idea of being a mum, but nowadays with the experience she has observed over the years, she cannot say a definite yes or no.

[28:50 How was your relationship with your mum growing up, compared to now that you're also a mum? Growing up, Deniece had a peaceful relationship with her mum, although not entirely rosy now it is mostly turbulent. A lot of people, before being mums, would understand how their mums felt.

[34:45] Nowadays people hesitate to have children because of the high cost of living in Singapore. You need to have the financial capabilities to meet the needs of children. Deniece shares that prospective mothers can contact her to financially plan for their kids before having them. This includes necessities to buy and ways to save money even while making those purchases.

[38:30] Motherhood Tips from Deniece: The first to note is that mums would most like shoulder the heaviest responsibility of caregiving; imagine yourself as the primary caregiver. Secondly, if you're at the stage of life where you can change your career, choose something that will not take up too much of your time. Be open to the possibility of miscarriages, because they do happen. Additionally, you have to accept that there is a timeline, and it may take time to get pregnant. Whatever the challenge know that it will pass, and find people to support you. The first 3 months when the baby is out is your 4th trimester. Make use of useful apps like Baby Centre and Wonder weeks. Take it one day at a time, let the good day be good, and let the bad day be bad.

[51:52] Let go of your baggage, insecurities, negative thoughts, expectations, guilt, and pressure. When you let go, you can start enjoying motherhood, and trust that things will be okay. "This too shall pass"

[56:00] Jade and Deniece wish mothers a Happy Mother's Day!

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