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EP 8: what is the meaning of life?

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode, "The meaning of Life" is discussed by our hosts. Sharing their views on purpose, they describe ways by which people can discover what they are passionate about and the reason for their existence, with relevant pointers to help in this journey



Episode Timeline:

[04:03] Introducing today's topic, "The meaning of Life". Jade occasionally reflects on life and its meaning, mostly at the end of the year when taking stock of what was achieved and her goals in life.

[08:29] If I were to die today, what would I want to be said in my Eulogy? Would people be able to say you contributed meaningfully to others? If you can have an impact on just one person's life, that is something. This has been part of the motivation to teach and influence kids positively for one of our hosts.

[15:50] The meaning of life refers to why you exist; what are you put on this earth for? What is your purpose? In order to answer this question, take that one element away; do you still feel that life has meaning?

[22:35] Deniece explains that for her, the meaning of life is being able to connect with people, have a positive influence in their lives every day and make people happier. Jade also shares she is on the journey to find her meaning and needs to find a healthy mindset first.

[27:10] The meaning of life could include many things for some people. It is okay to change your direction in life or to find meaning in different things.

[38:08] A lot of people are also late bloomers and may take longer to find their purpose in life, and it is not wrong. "Look for opportunities to do what you love in the life you already have, you never know where it might lead"

[40:13] Consider why you don't love your strengths, can you find a reason to love them? "The best way to add meaning to an experience is to look for how it might serve you in the future" Link the feeling to passion to the experience of learning and growth. [Jay Shetty “4 Quadrants”]

[40:52] Referencing the "4 Quadrants" by Jay Shetty, our hosts highlight the question "How can we move more of our time and energy towards Quadrant 2 (Skill and Passion)?" This involves doing things we are good at, and love.

[46:10] If finding the meaning in life were so easy, everyone would have done it.

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