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Ep 41: I Rest My (brief)Case

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Xaveir Yeung


Join today's episode as Jade and Deniece feature Xaveir Yeung, sharing the personal activities they would love to engage in if given the free time to take care of themselves, relax and recuperate from their typical daily busy schedules.



Episode Timeline:

[03:08] Meet today's guest, Xaveir, who our hosts met through Bloomr. He is a 21-year-old full-time project executive, also involved in content creation and passionate about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

[05:27] How do you balance your full-time job with content creation? Xaveir ensures he posts content once a week by creating time for it during the weekends although his plans often don't work out and he just goes with the flow.

[06:48] Today's topic revolves around having time for ourselves; "if you had 2 days off, what would you do for yourself?" Rather than take out time to rest, we get carried away by the lives of other people who seem to be so productive every day, especially on social media.

[11:20] Xaveir would start his 2 days off by putting his phone aside because there is always so much information coming in. He would also take out time to do floral arrangements which he has always been interested in. Cooking may come up too though he is not too good at it. As a content creator, Xaveir always experiences the temptation to turn every interesting moment he would experience into content. Deniece also observes this when spending time with her baby as she tries to film the little girl which often doesn't work out. It's better to enjoy the moment and not always worry too much about creating content from it.

[20:30] Given two days off, Jade would take the opportunity to go outside the country because she has missed traveling since the lockdown. However, since that is not realistic for now, she considers roller skating. Xaveir shares that roller skating has been helping his mental health, enabling him to put down his phone and cut off from all the excessive information. Why we are so fixated on using our phones is the dopamine effect we get from the response to our content online, and we get addicted. Walking is another activity Jade engages in to relieve herself of stress. It helps with metabolism, clears the mind, and exposes the body to fresh air. She also would like to explore trails.

[30:51] Deniece was recently quite ill and at that time when she couldn't work, she thought about cooking which is her hobby. Baking and cleaning the house are also other activities Deniece would like to do with her free time, added to sports activities like swimming.

[40:25] It is a good idea to think about what we would do with a free day, so if the chance should come along, we’d know how maximize it. We can be more intentional about creating free time by starting with a short time like an hour, during which you can put down your phone and do something else you would love to do. Even if this sounds easy, most people cannot go 10 minutes without their phones.

[42:00] Jade and Deniece wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to their Christmas song coming up. Connect with Xaveir on Instagram (@xaveiryeung)

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