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Ep 40: Throwback to 2021

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In today’s episode, Jade and Deniece highlight their favorite episodes from the last 39 episodes, and recap lessons learned with the applications in their daily lives.



Episode Timeline:

[02:15] Jade and Deniece take out time to appreciate listeners for their attention, and for liking the content on all the different platforms where it is posted.

[04:50] Today's episode is a recap of previous episodes, particularly the 2 favorite ones for Jade and Deniece. Our hosts agree that they have grown through these episodes and that podcasting has helped build their confidence.

[07:57] Jade's first selection is Episode 24, titled "What's your Enneagram type?" with Zen and YP. The speakers reflected on helping people understand themselves better, alongside addressing conflict by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their Enneagram personality types. In that episode, Jade's Enneagram type 6 which is the loyalist, was discussed, noting that they are very dependable but generally have a lot of self-doubt and procrastination. Jade struggles with these issues too but the awareness has helped work on them. To learn more about Enneagrams, listeners can listen to Episode 11, Episode 12, and Episode 24.

[17:05] Deniece’s first favorite episode was Episode 31, with the "Why Why Why" Show. In the episode, they discussed pieces of advice they would give their younger selves, and the theme of "being the youest you". Applying this theme, Deniece has realized that despite the struggles she faces and the tendency to be compared with other more successful people, it does not pay her to try to be like someone else. She has learned to find ways to improve on herself doing things in a way that suits her nature. This also played a key role in their new school "Emerge" Academy where they try to help parents understand that things will be different from the previous school, and making comparisons is unnecessary. "The moment we find our unique selling point, we test it, we validate it, go into it and we will see ourselves flourishing". They play an excerpt from the episode where these ideas were discussed.

[30:30] Jade's second favorite episode is Episode 36, "What is Cuffing Season?". In the episode, our hosts described the Cuffing Season period running from September to February, when lonely singles find someone to "cuff down", and hold on to until the Euphoria fades after the season. They also talked about how the phrase "Netflix and Chill" is not what it seems on the surface but has been adopted as a coded description of sexual intimacy.

[40:56] Jade and Deniece hope to get up to 100 episodes, especially with more support from listeners.

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