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Ep 38: Palms of New Experiences

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode, Jade and Deniece reflect on the past year and share the new experiences that came with it, including challenging themselves to grow through these moments and surpass their limits.



Episode Timeline:

[02:28] AMM is currently recruiting members for their production team; interested listeners who want to volunteer can contact them via Instagram or the Telegram chat group.

[03:15] Today’s topic will be on New Experiences in the past year as it comes to a close. Although most people are reflective of their accomplishments at the end of the year, it is necessary to realize that even if you didn’t achieve all you set out to, you must have learned something new.

[04:01] Jade describes a new experience she had Ziplining this year and other childhood memories riding roller coasters. They also play a video Jade recorded having fun at Sky Park Singapore on her birthday as she took vertical rides that used to scare her and ended up having fun with them. She recalls the rides as a very memorable experience.

[23:20] Deniece shares her new experience auditioning for the role of a character that would be required to sing, dance, and act. She put a lot of effort into it especially because she enjoyed the process of preparation, and in the end, she got the role. The project is a collaboration between a tour company “Let's Go Tour” and an arts organization alongside Ground Zero with a theme surrounding ‘The Last Kampong in Singapore”. Deniece describes in detail the uniquely interesting and engaging tours offered by tour the company around the same theme, which lets tourists relive the experiences of the last Kampong rather than just hearing them as stories. This tour can be booked online. This new experience was her first commercial production as the main cast and has been particularly challenging because it requires strength in improvisation. Since she hasn’t had much experience with improvisation, it was something she had to work on, nonetheless, it has been an exciting experience working with several professionals.

[35:42] Deniece plays out her character as Lily for Jade and listeners.

[43:24] Life is a continuous learning experience; every day is a new experience.

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