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Ep 36: What is Cuffing Season?

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode, Jade and Deniece talk about "Cuffing Season" as it relates to relationships and they share simple tips for people to keep in mind while getting hitched in this season.



Episode Timeline:

[02:06] Today the topic of conversation is the last phase of the year, which is "Cuffing Season".

[04:03] What is Cuffing Season? Cuffing Season refers to a period of time where single people begin looking for short-term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year. "Why do people need other people in the winter season?" A lot of people think they want someone to talk back to them but actually they just want someone to listen. Our hosts agree that Cuffing Season is from October till Valentine's Day.

[14:27] Cuffing Season is very similar to the Love is Blind reality TV show where an experiment is carried out by putting people in booths and pairing them up with different people who they can hear but not see. This goes on for 7 to 10 days, and those who propose get to meet each other. After this, the couples enjoy 5 days of honeymoon and stay together for another two weeks. The time from the start of the show till the wedding is a total of 30 days.

[27:51] Do you know the meaning of the term "Netflix and Chill"? Based on an article, Jade shares that it was added to the notorious urban dictionary in 2015, and became increasingly used to mean sexual escapades. In Korea, a similar phrase is asking someone to come over to eat ramen.

[32:52] "Fall in love with someone who sees the wars within you and not only chooses to stay but chooses to stand by your side and help you fight them"

[34:32] There are 4 stages that you must pass through for success in marriage. The first two are wedding planning and getting a house; couples need not get bogged down by all the details in this phase, major preferences can be discussed while the rest is easily sorted. The next one is having a baby; it is important to discuss when to have babies and how many. Couples must keep in mind that there will be a need to compromise especially when having to raise children. Another phase to get through is the dating phase which is the easiest phase, but is important for couples to get to understand each other and align their values. If you invest positively in your relationship, any type of relationship can work.

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