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Ep 35: The Power of Now

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode, Jade and Deniece expound on "The Power of Now", a mindfulness practice particularly useful in dealing with unpleasant situations and anxiety by focusing on the moment, rather than allowing a build-up of the burden of past traumas or unhappy emotions.



Episode Timeline:

[02:18] Today's, our hosts will be discussing "The Power of Now". This topic was inspired by the amazon best seller, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Deniece hosts recommend reading and practicing techniques from this book. Jade could relate to the author's feelings in the book, where he described persistent anxiety.

[10:22] Jade describes enlightenment as being at peace with whatever you are doing or wherever you are now including challenging situations. It involves not being triggered by past events or traumas but experiencing things as they are. Being present with yourself is enlightenment.

[11:50] Enlightenment in Deniece's view is being congruent with your mind, body, and soul. Anxiety and stress occur when the mind and the soul do not meet.

[13:42] "You are not your mind": Eckhart explains that you need to detach yourself from your mind and be conscious of the thoughts of your mind. This can be very difficult in the early stages as most people fall under the category of "The Compulsive Thinker"; everybody has the capability to always be thinking. Eckhart notes in his book that 80 to 90 percent of our thinking is useless and negative.

[18:00] If you wake up with worries about the work you have to do today, write it down; this is described as Brain Dumping. Writing anything and everything that comes to mind on paper will essentially empty the mind.

[21:50] Emotion arises at the place where mind and body meet; a reflection of the mind in the body. For example, an attack thought or a hostile thought will create a build-up of energy in the body that we call anger. This anger is often driven by a feeling of being threatened or being vulnerable which is fear, hence, anger and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. Also, people who carry a lot of anger are more likely to be attacked verbally or physically by other angry people; they have a strong emanation of anger that other angry people pick up subliminally which triggers anger from those people.

[37:10] The Power of Now is touted as the foundation of the mindfulness practice because it does not come naturally but is a state of mind that needs practice. When you see people, look at them as if you're looking into a mirror.

[40:56] What is accessing the "Power of Now"? To free yourself from your mind, you need to learn to observe it impartially; constantly ask yourself 'what is going on inside me?' and 'am I at ease at this moment?' You are happier when you exist in the now and find the balance within. Learn to accept the present and let it be.

[45:39] Focus on the 'now' involves several components; First, stop recreating time by focusing on past events; Secondly do not dwell on your goals or depend on them for fulfillment, happiness, or self-identity; Accept your current situation as if you have chosen it; Be present, act with 'Present Moment Awareness', and learn to direct your focus fully into the present moment such that you are alert or aware but not thinking.

[52:45] When you find yourself in an unhappy situation, you can either remove yourself from the situation, change it or accept it; no complaining, no feeling bad, and don't guilt-trip yourself. This strategy is very useful in unpleasant situations.

[54:10] Instead of being highly alert and free of thought, we allow our consciousness to bring us into the mental noise that clutters our days, however, if we learn to escape compulsive thinking, we can better listen and live in the present.

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