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Ep 33: When affections turn into abuse (with Zionette Esther)

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Zionette Esther


In the episode, our hosts sit with Zionette Esther, a YouTube singer with a passion for domestic abuse. Zionette shares her experience with domestic abuse as well as lessons learned and helpful steps people can take if faced with a similar challenge.



Episode Timeline:

[01:32] Introducing today's guest, Zionette Esther.

[02:11] The topic of today is Domestic Abuse.

[03:20] Zionette is a YouTube singer who is passionate about abuse topics on her channel. This was inspired by her experience with physical abuse from her husband which she survived.

[03:50] Zionette shares that her husband had been abusing her right from the honeymoon. Prior to this, she had not seen any outstanding signs that this could happen, and it continued for 3 years till they separated. Verbal abuse from her husband also put her down and made her feel like she couldn't be happy by herself.

[13:24] While trying to find answers to this problem, Zionette realized that there is very little information concerning abuse online, and this made it difficult to understand her situation and take the necessary steps. Although she often took steps on divorce, she would forget them whenever her husband started to treat her right and the cycle continued until she finally had an opportunity with clarity of mind to leave. She also opened up to her relatives who had no idea what had been happening, and they came around and offered support.

[31:18] Deniece explains that many abusers actually want the person back because it gives them the control they enjoy. On the other hand, very often empaths attract narcissists because they are the only people who can stand them. Deniece also shares her similar experience with a narcissist who she left before things could escalate.

[41:05] Zionette was able to recover from the trauma, pick herself up and find love again. Her new boyfriend helped her through her recovery to be free to express herself, and also to remember to put herself first.

[48:13] Listeners facing a similar challenge need to know that there is a way out; "there's a way out if you want out but you need to want out first" A lot of people are stuck in these relationships because it is familiar and predictable but it is important to not hinge your hopes of love on any one person; Love yourself. Reach out to helplines, call the police, tell someone, or share with friends and family. Our hosts and guest are also available to reach out to.

[51:31] Physical or emotional abuse can also take place anywhere from the family to the workplace, it is important to be aware of it. We should love ourselves enough to protect ourselves from abuse.

[52:03] If you feel that someone is talking down to you, stand up for yourself. Have words in your vocabulary that you can use to express yourself in such situations. We all deserve to be treated like human beings.

[52:53] Connect with Zionette on Instagram and YouTube.

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