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Ep 27: You won't fail if you don't give up (with Nelson Tan)

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Nelson Tan


In this episode, Jade and Deniece sit with Nelson Tan, a musician and Personal Trainer, as he shares his experiences trying to build his musical career while struggling with the enormous life changes that came with the pandemic



Episode Timeline:

[02:26] Introducing our guest, Nelson Tan; a musician, singer and songwriter, personal trainer, and Network marketer. Nelson shares that the last 2 years have been tough and he misses performing on stage.

[03:31] Our hosts are polling the audience, and listeners who can correctly guess the age of today's guest will get a reward.

[06:00] About Nelson's background: Nelson started playing music from the age of 4, and was encouraged by his mum to attend music classes. Growing up, he also listened to it as much as possible, learned to perform, and slowly developed a passion for music. However, after finishing school, he couldn't record his music because it was quite expensive so he was playing live often at night after working his day job. He later quit his job as a full-time music teacher, to focus on playing music at night while working as a network marketer in the daytime; this was around the time Covid-19 hit. The pandemic affected his nightly performances and to date, things are yet to return to normal.

[12:46] How did you move on dealing with the work challenges following the pandemic? Nelson shares that for now, he plans to do a cover with his band every week to remain relevant and in the minds of people, hoping that when things return to normal, they can continue with gigs again. While waiting, he also worked as a food delivery personnel, alongside the occasional live streaming of his music.

[25:38] Nelson recently started working as a Personal Trainer in December 2020, teaching Muay Thai in gyms till he decided to go off on his own. "Motivation is temporary, inspiration is forever". Jade and Deniece share that Nelson's work and story inspires them when they are down, while Nelson also draws inspiration from others. "We can never fail if we don't give up, as long as you don't stop trying you have not failed" Nelson shares that he also fills his day with positive thoughts and affirmations. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out most with, so form your circle with people who are better than you that you can look up to. Deniece advises caution when looking up to people because they are human and they might fail you.

[34:32] Jade believes Nelson has become more positive in recent times compared to before. Nelson explains that this change is mostly due to the new company where he works which focuses on personnel development. A question of note is often asked in the company; "why are you doing this business? if you are doing it for the money then you shouldn't be doing this business". The company teaches how you can become a better person also inspired Nelson to continue his podcast, the "Mind over Body" Podcast, and teaches how you can become a better person. Deniece also believes that if you are driven by money and nothing else, that's when your business will fail.

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