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Ep 26: Do what Michael Jackson did with hashtag Elevated

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Hashtag Elevated


In this episode, our hosts feature the music group "Hashtag Elevated" reflecting on their journey as a group. They discuss their passion for music while encouraging listeners to hold on to their passion no matter the cost.



Episode Timeline:

[1:38] Today's guest is a group, "Hashtag Elevated" from New Jersey, U.S.A.

[02:00] Sharing the inspiration for the name, they explain that initially, 'Elevated' was the name but 'Hashtag' was added to make it sound cool. The name 'Elevated' came about because everyone in the group had been an underdog and counted out, but it inspires people to be rise above all that; to be bigger than what people expect from you. Individually, they have been elevated in their skillset too as a result of the influence they had on each other.

[04:24] Hashtag Elevated had initially found our hosts while looking for new groups to work with on Instagram. After interacting on Instagram for a while, they were able to link up. The use of hashtags on the posts by Jade and Deniece has played a major role in boosting their online engagements. Getting engagements is a major issue for content creators, even for a podcasting or music, recording it is 50%, while marketing it is another 50%. So, creators need to dedicate the same amount of time to both.

[10:58] Introducing the Hashtag Elevated group members: Kevin is the main dancer of the group, Josh is the main Vocalist. Vince is the soulful singer of the group, the main songwriter, instrumentalist, and beat producer. Donovan is the bass singer of the group, Will is another soulful singer. Each of them brings a unique skill to the group that makes everything function in harmony.

[18:36] How the group was formed: Hashtag Elevated consists of 2, of Vince's friend groups, one from college and the other from Highschool. Having been invited to perform at a college event, Vince and his two college friends did quite well and became a group, they later added more members, Will and Donovan.

[23:39] Hashtag Elevated has the main goal to "Tour the World" and to grow to heights where they make a global mark in music. They hope to attain great heights individually but still be able to work together to produce good music. "Nothing good comes easy". Our guests also agree that they will go to any length to chase their dreams. They are all very passionate, and Josh shares that singing for him can be raiser than talking; it helps him communicate his feelings. Famous people come and go, but notice how it's the ones who aimed for something greater than just being famous who stuck around in history.

[31:26] Deniece hopes that listeners are inspired by the drive and motivation they had when they were younger. Our hosts and guests agree that God has given us these gifts and talents and we should make use of them, because what else are we doing if not using them?

[33:20] Best advice anyone has ever given you: "People project their insecurities when they hate on someone". "Do everything you do in excellence"

[33:36] Worst advice anyone has ever given you: "It's okay Josh, you can jump out the window", Kevin shares that he was once told to stop trying to dance or sing because he was still learning and wasn't very good at it.

[39:46] Favorite place traveled: Kevin has always wanted to go to Canada or Vietnam. Josh prefers Costa Rica. Our guests also talk about how beautiful Singapore is, although there are laws and fines for a lot of the new Covid-19 related regulations.

[46:35] About the TOF organization: Jade explains that it was commenced during the lockdown when she started working with Deniece to write songs. TOF is a general umbrella under which they do creative things like music and podcasting.

[49:05] Advice from Kevin to listeners: If you don't show yourself off, you're not going to meet people who are in the same boat as you. Don't be afraid to show yourself off because people may think you're annoying, instead use it as an opportunity to weed them out. "If it brings you happiness and makes you feel more alive than you've ever felt, and you have a passion for it, don't let anybody destroy that; that means you're going to go far". It will be hard and take time, but most things that are worth it do.

[52:40] How to contact Hashtag Elevated: Website, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok (@j_willy318), website,

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