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Ep 24: What's your enneagram type? with Zen and YP

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Zen and YP


In this episode, Jade and Deniece invite two guests from the podcast listeners and discuss their Enneagram Types, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as how all of it applies to daily life.



Episode Timeline:

[02:20] Our two guests on this episode are YP, and Zen, who listened to the podcast and were enthusiastic about talking more on the Enneagram episode.

[04:00] YP shares that she is a Type 5 and Type 9. Her Type 5 characteristics include feeling safe in her space, being a private person, and not sharing scarce resources. She is mostly quiet in social settings and observes. She challenges her introverted nature intentionally by putting herself out there to build her ability to relate in social settings. She takes time to study people and understand them and their triggers. "Enneagrams help you to know things that you might not realize about yourself" Being Type 5 is also accounts for her ability to resolve conflicts between people.

[15:20] Zen is a Type 8 which is the Challenger. He is a straightforward person, very insistent, and does not like waiting or wasting time.

[19:45] YP explains that when a Type 5 is healthy, they move towards a Type 8; becoming more vocal. Conversely Zen shares that when he is under stress he moves towards a Type 5. Jade explains that the healthy version of each Type often will adopt the strengths of another Type to create balance with its other characteristics.

[21:42] How do your personality Types play out in relationships? Zen shares that he changes when in relationships because he can be a bit extreme as a Type 8 which is difficult for people to accept or relate with. The straightforward nature of expressing himself keeps people at a distance for fear that he might easily lose control and lash out. However, Zen explains that after expressing himself, he completely lets go of the issue.

[30:20] The purpose of Enneagrams is not to change who you are but to be aware that there is a healthy version of yourself and to figure out how to be that healthy version.

[39:05] It is generally quite difficult to place the Enneagram Type of someone else because you would have to know the person perfectly well. YP believes that nowadays, a lot of people have Type 6 in them because many people are learning not to trust what they see on social media. A Type 8 like Zen is very likely to thrive in leadership positions, although they don't like their ideas being questioned. Deniece agrees that she expresses a similar behavior when under stress as she moves more to a Type 8. Ironically the Type 8 is the Challenger but does not like to be questioned.

[49:00] While Enneagrams can reveal your bad sides, it is necessary to keep in mind the strengths of each Type and hone them.

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