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EP 20: Quality and passion are vital ingredients in business

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guests: Alfred Chan


In this episode, Jade and Deniece feature Alfred Chan, the owner of the pastry shop "Fredo's", and he talks about his passion for baking, quality food, and how he runs his business.



Episode Timeline:

[02:40] Alfred shares about himself, his food preferences, his morning routine, and his lifestyle.

[05:10] Alfred has been running his restaurant business for over 28years. He finds fulfillment in his work and spends most of his time at work especially since he doesn't have kids.

[08:30] How do you maintain the drive to keep working over 30 years? Alfred takes out time to travel out of Singapore every year.

[10:30] Recalling the story of how he started his restaurant business, Alfred shares he was teaching baking classes when he got the idea from one of his students to sell the pastries from the class at the end. Over a short time, he gained some popularity and was featured in a newspaper which gave a huge boom to his business. Alfred also notes that he goes the extra mile to ensure his food does not go to waste.

[21:45] Talking about the stress of the job and burnout, Alfred explains that the rewarding feeling of his job as a baker helps deal with burnout, and is what he focuses on. Baking is like art, anything that you create is art, and if you don't put passion into what you create, your clients will feel it. Alfred also looks for workers who share a passion for baking too. It is important to note customer feedback, learn from it, and make changes when necessary.

[24:33] Alfred's advice to entrepreneurs: To go into your passion, you want to start from the ground, and it is better to build up slowly to keep the quality. Make sure you are firm in your foundation

[30:10] Regarding managing workers, Alfred explains that over time you start to understand workers more and learn how to work with them. His life revolves around his business and his happiness comes from serving customers. Alfred also discloses that there is some loneliness after work because there is not much to do. Alfred plans to leave his business and legacy to the workers and not to his family. He is also passionate about good food which nowadays is hard to find.

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