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EP 16: Millennials vs gen Z with Dewy Choo

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Dewy Choo


In this episode, Jade and Deniece talk with Dewy Choo, a popular figure on TikTok, and exchange views on the Gen Z and Millennial populations. Dewy talks about her challenges growing up, in relation to how she started a TikTok page now with 70k followers.



Episode Timeline:

[01:11] Meet today's guest, Dewy, a top TikTok user with over 70k followers, and the focus of the conversation will be "Millennials" and "Gen Z".

[04:40] Millennials are people born between 1980 and 1996. People born after 1996 till 2010 are considered Gen Z. Those born after 2010, are called Gen alpha.

[07:40] Dewy feels that Millennials generally judge and don't like Gen Z. The gap between them is largely because the Gen Z population is more exposed at an early age with the advent of technology in their time, which Millennials find difficult to appreciate. Jade adds that she felt the same way about the preceding Gen X while she was growing up.

[15:23] Dewy's question for Millennials: What do you think of the Gen Z approach towards dating? Dewy agrees that online dating is more common with Gen Z while Deniece shares she met her husband through an online dating app. Jade encourages people to be safety conscious when dating online and to be sure they know what they're doing. Deniece believes that the percentage of people meeting through apps and getting married is high.

[21:57] Dewy is not in support of dating apps because from her experience they are used more for sexual advances than for dating itself. She also believes that most people do not take the time to connect with each person they meet because they would rather go through as many people as possible trying to select a better one than the last. Deniece notes that even though Gen Z should be able to connect more with people around them in school, they are often distracted by the picture-perfect appearance of other people online and expect relationships to be perfect without putting much effort to fix things when they go wrong.

[25:28] Gen Z is a very sensitive group.

[30:00] What is one thing you dislike about Gen Z? Jade and Deniece agree that there is nothing they don't like about Gen Z; they have challenges like other people and may even find it more challenging growing up surrounded by so much technology.

[34:15] Jade shares that Gen Z seems to be more pragmatic while Millennials are more idealistic. The Gen Z class tends to have metered expectations, not wanting much from life. Dewy, however, believes she is more idealistic and has higher expectations for herself. "If you have a higher expectation of yourself, you will push yourself to reach there, even if you don't reach there you will get somewhere near there". On the other hand, this sense of contentment is a good quality for Gen Z, and this difference may be the reason Millennials tend to find difficulty being satisfied.

[37:20] Another point of conversation is "identity". Gen Z now makes it a point of note to define what pronoun should be used to address them; unfortunately, some of them take advantage of this scenario to misuse it for fun, instead of truly defining their identity.

[41:41] Talking about the benefits for Gen Z, they are more likely to get support from their parents in the decisions they make because unlike parents of Millennials, the parents of Gen Z are generally more supportive. There is also more courage commonly seen among Gen Z.

[43:04] With regards to online dating and personal branding, Deniece asks if the pictures posted online are posted for that purpose. Dewy explains that most people post pictures not intending to get attention from guys but because they enjoy it.

[46:15] Our hosts ask the guest, "Given the choice, would you want to be born in a different era?" Dewy is happy with how vocal and opinionated she can be as part of Gen Z, and so would rather remain there than change if she could.

[47:15] The challenges we face will determine the choices we make. Highlighting the challenges she encountered while growing up, Dewy shares that she didn't get much emotional support from her parents who believed in tough love. This made her look outside for validation and love, exposing her to predators and sexual grooming. (Sexual grooming involves having unwarranted sexual conversations with the intent to use the person as a sex object) She was also exposed to cyberbullying and vulgar terms from a very young age due while spending time online this also made her learn to start using such terms.

[53:53] Dewy describes how she got into content creation on TikTok with a viral "slipper" video that mostly made a lot of people dislike her initially, but then with more videos based on her interest in expressing herself through her content, she built a fan base. A video that made her very popular was the "alien abduction" video.

[57:27] How do you keep creative ideas going? Dewy explains that her videos are unscripted and she goes with random ideas as they come to mind. Deniece encourages listeners to Follow Dewy on TikTok and contact her on Instagram for tips on growing their social brand.

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