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Ep 42: Naughty or Nice

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In today’s episode, Jade and Deniece each share their naughtiest and nicest behaviors over the years, and lessons learned from these experiences.



Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Being the first Christmas episode, listeners are invited to vote on an Instagram poll for Miss Naughty and Miss Nice on the podcast show. They also give a shout-out to listeners who have been supporting the podcast since the beginning and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

[05:42] Today, Jade and Deniece will each share their naughtiest and nicest actions which listeners will use to vote on the polls.

[06:40] Deniece starts with the naughty experience she had at the age of 12 on New Year’s Eve. After the watch night service, she went with her friends to swim in a reservoir that was not public property, without any form of supervision which was a bit dangerous. Growing up very fast left her exposed to a lot of wild experiences but she also learned not to take chances that would risk her life. She realized her purpose in life is to help people and not just have aimless fun.

[14:40] Jade’s naughty experience took place much later as she didn't have the type of outgoing nature that Deniece had while growing up and was rather more reserved. She got exposed much later than Deniece. She recalls a time when she cut her younger brother's hair very shabbily with a pair of scissors which could have led to serious injury. Jade also notes the times she went to Bangkok and saw a show in a shady place.

[25:14] Deniece's good behavior involved a lot of volunteer work with her dad, traveling overseas to orphanages in places like Thailand, China, and Myanmar. They would help with clothes, medical care, and the opportunity to go to school. Although during these trips it could be very boring, as those areas did not have internet service, it created other creative ways to stay entertained especially through music. These experiences reminded her of the values that we all tend not to have because we have the things we need easily at our fingertips. Many times, we are not happy about certain things in our lives that are not necessities and we get so materialistic that we forget to appreciate the basic things we have. Jade and Deniece are open to coaching kids for charity organizations at no cost just to help make people happy.

[37:00] Jade’s nice behavior includes offering support to her friends who are going through tough situations by writing down encouraging notes on cards to appreciate them. She also likes to celebrate people's birthdays through small gestures that they don't expect which makes them feel good. Deniece has expressed a similar gesture recently by recommending the episode with the "Why Why Why" show for a friend who was had toxic friends that were influencing her negatively.

[44:34] For listeners in the cuffing zone still confused about whether or not to make a move and ask their partner out, "make a decision, don't overthink and just do what is on your mind, and whatever happens happens".

[46:28] Our hosts will be taking a break next week, and listeners can take advantage of the break to catch up on old episodes.

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