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CLUBHOUSE: What are Friendships all about?

Hosts: Jade and Deniece


In this episode, our hosts answer the question "What is Friendship", highlighting the essential components of a great friendship and how to tackle obstacles that typically come up. Surrounding issues like trust, betrayal, honesty, and boundaries are also discussed.



Episode Timeline:

[02:00] Jade shares that she just had her Covid19 vaccine. Also, this would be the first episode of AMM on Clubhouse, and they are motivated by their number of downloads since the podcast started.

[06:05] Introducing the topic "Friendships", Jade and Deniece talk about the goal of the podcast generally.

[11:25] About Horoscopes, there could be a relationship between your horoscope and the kind of friend that would relate well with you.

[19:40] Our hosts share their experiences with friends overseas and the challenges that come with keeping in contact with them.

[25:30] Do you consider your colleagues as friends? In some cases, your colleagues can be your friends especially with the amount of time spent working with them.

[30:30] There are different levels of Friendship; acquaintances colleagues, close friends e.t.c. How do you handle lack of trust or betrayal of trust? Regarding Friendship and Trust, communication and information sharing has a huge role to play, especially with information that is shared in confidence.

[35:30] Although you may not be very close to colleagues at work, some level of communication and understanding is necessary among coworkers to foster better interaction.

[41:06] You don't have to change yourself for other people, but you also have to let people know your boundaries and limits. It helps to relate better and get over wrongdoings. Also, when you tell the person the truth in love, the person would appreciate the feedback if they truly cherish you as a friend.

[46:11] How do you continue a friendship when the person has betrayed you? If you want to be the person's friend you would have to be vulnerable and trust again. Alternatively in a case where you feel there is a need to distance yourself, then you may restrict the interaction to a strictly basic or professional one.

[47:28] When dealing with friends who easily get angry, it is best to allow them to let out the frustration first, then find time to talk. The answer to anger is to be gentle.

[49:46] Don't be too caught up with not having the same friends from when you were growing up. There are seasons for different friendships and it's okay to just drift apart in some friendships.

[51:26] How to handle bad jokes

[56:30] Friendships should not be quantified by gifts, or have any ranking on who is a better friend. Treat other people as you would want to be treated.

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