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BONUS: Tips for new moms and working moms that can help you save time and money!

Hosts: Jade and Deniece

Guest: Regine


In this episode dedicated to Mother's Day, Deniece features her friend, Regine, sharing useful tips for all mothers to have a happier and healthier life while taking care of their kids.



Episode Timeline:

[01:15] Deniece introduces her friend Regine who is a new mother, and dedicates this episode to all mothers.

[01:34] Regine shares general tips for mothers today. Her most important tip is the need to use a Carrier when traveling alone rather than a stroller. The carrier helps to keeps the hands free to get things done more easily since the mother is alone.

[03:36] It is also helpful to plan your mornings and create a routine because over time the routine becomes second nature and the time spent on the routine gets shorter. This is also useful since very often you will have to multitask.

[04:45] Another crucial tip is "always feed your little one". This is because when they are full, they are happy, and it is always easier to handle a happy baby than a cranky one. It may not hurt to also have an extra formula.

[05:16] About " Me time" which is usually when the baby finally goes to sleep and mothers can have time for themselves. It is very important to always take naps when you can.

[06:05] A final tip for working mums: Establish your boundaries with work, know when to cut off because you really need rest time. If you are stressed, your baby will probably feel it and get cranky.

[06:35] Happy Mother's Day!

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