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BONUS: Shaun Tupaz - Youth Pastor turned Fitness Instructor

Hosts: Jade and Deniece,

Guest: Shaun Tupaz


In this episode, Jade and Deniece feature Shaun Tupaz, a radio show host, discussing issues relating to career choices and management, with suggested strategies to surmount the typical challenges commonly encountered.



Episode Timeline:

[02:00] Meet the first guest on the AMM podcast, "Shaun Tupaz".

[03:20] Shaun describes his family background, and ethnicity being Filipino, Portuguese, English, and Chinese.

[05:35] Discussing professionally, he shares he has been doing radio for 11 years, alongside being a Fitness and Spin instructor. Shaun explains the idea that he has no career and is retired so he focuses on doing things he loves.

[10:24] The challenge of working in a toxic environment is also discussed, as it affects mental health and stability which should always take precedence. It is a balance of self-care and charity as in how much of yourself you are willing to give to the job.

[14:38] Shaun describes techniques that keep him sustained running different jobs together, starting with time management, which is simply a factor of being fully present with yourself at each point in time.

[14:52] Energy Management is even more important compared to time management in Shaun's view since energy can be replenished when depleted. It is, therefore, necessary to be involved in engagements that bring positive energy.

[16:06] Mind Management: The mind is continually at work, hence it is vital to maintain a positive mindset by controlling your mind.

[17:30] How do recharge when you hustle so much? Rather than thinking about yourself like a battery that needs to be recharged when drained, the better approach would be to picture a self-sustaining source that keeps getting powered daily by doing activities you enjoy.

[22:00] There is no straightforward rule stating that you must leave your job if you are not happy because people differ and are in different situations in their lives. What matters is to understand that you are different from other people and to take care of yourself, while at the same time considering that people are in different places in their lives.

[23:00] Do you have any advice for people who think they have things they want to do but for some reason doubt their ability? Life is a journey and a training process, nothing happens overnight, and the best you can do is prepare yourself and take one step at a time in that direction.

[25:40] Shaun shares the motivation for starting his podcast following a period where he worked in a toxic environment and realized he needed help and started therapy. Starting the podcast helped to keep him accountable while at the same time helping others.

[31:07] Catch feelings for yourself first before you catch feelings for anybody else.

[33:05] Shaun stresses the importance of appreciating the two sides to issues rather than choosing one as even excessive emphasis on self-care can move one from a place of mindfulness to Egoism.

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